Central Stores COVID order system

General Revenue funded offices/units can order common COVID PPE and self-cleaning/disinfecting products. Items shown below are the only products being made available to GenRev operations at no cost. If you are ordering classroom supplies, you will need to provide a cost center. If specific items are required/desired, they should be ordered via the normal process. Auxiliary units should order required supplies as normal.
Please limit orders to only the quantities needed at the present time. Stocked supplies may be limited and are intended to support the entire campus. Ordered quantities may be adjusted if stocked supplies run low.
Orders should be done for offices as a whole and not individual requirements.
Once ordered, items will be delivered via on-campus distribution or can be picked up at Dorland by appointment.
  Plastic trigger sprayers and hand pumps are scarce due to a shortage in raw materials to make components. In an order to conserve these items, please order refills for replacements of replacement product when available.
Please call (815) 753-9391 if you have questions.

Questions can be directed to: CentralStoresOrders@niu.edu or (815) 753-6274.